February 7, 2024

Disney Movie Magic: This Time About Proxy Voting

We haven’t generally been sharing developments in the saga between Disney, Trian and Blackwells here — I’m sure you’ve read about the moves made by the company and the two activists elsewhere. But we NEEDED to share this How to Vote video from Disney’s meeting website with narration by Bill Rogers, the voice actor announcer at Disneyland Resort, and classic movie clips. If a How to Vote video doesn’t interest you (why are you following this blog?), just watch it to see how many movies you can name!

Readers of this blog will appreciate the transcript filed with the SEC, complete with interruptions of the narration by Disney character Professor Ludwig Von Drake. And while less…remarkable, the explanation of voting in the proxy statement is really a must-read for this audience. I applaud the drafters on the clear description and liberal use of bold and underlining to get the point across. Speaking of must-reads, the proxy card is epic — or at least as epic as proxy cards get. Check it out!

Meredith Ervine