November 17, 2023

Practical M&A Treatise: 2024 Edition is Here!

John has recently put the finishing touches on the annual update for the Practical M&A Treatise. This 848-page resource covers a broad range of topics, including the mechanics of an M&A transaction, documentation, disclosure, tax, accounting, antitrust, contractual transfer restrictions, successor liability, antitakeover & fiduciary duties of directors and controlling stockholders. The new edition features updates on:

– Delaware case law addressing the terms of acquisition agreements, including interpretive issues relating to language defining assumed and retained liabilities, and the implications of an unqualified representation on a buyer’s ability to terminate a transaction

– Fiduciary duties of directors, officers and controlling stockholders, poison pills, disclosure issues and standards of review

– The continuing evolution of the Rep & Warranty Insurance market and its implications for claims under RWI policies

– The status of sale of business non-competes in Delaware and the implications of the FTC’s proposed limitations on non-competes

– The impact of the first year under the universal proxy card rules on proxy contests

– The evolving antitrust regulatory and enforcement environment, and developments under the federal securities laws, including the lessons from the first year under the universal proxy rules

The Practical M&A Treatise is available online as part of our new upgraded membership. It’s also incorporated into our “Deal U Workshop” – an essential online course for more junior M&A lawyers, with nearly 60 podcasts and 30+ situational scenarios to test your knowledge.  Sign up online, email, or call 1-800-737-1271 to get access today.

Meredith Ervine