January 27, 2022

Deal Lawyers Download Podcast: “Trends in SPAC Litigation”

Check out our new Deal Lawyers Download podcast, featuring my interview with Woodruff Sawyer’s Yelena Dunaevsky about her recent article on trends in SPAC litigation. Topics addressed in this 23- minute podcast include:

– The six kinds of lawsuits SPACs are facing
– Unique aspects of SPAC litigation
– Investment Company Act claims
– Delaware’s MultiPlan decision
– Where SPAC lawsuits may be heading
– Tips for insurance and risk management

If you have something you’d like to talk about, please feel free to reach out to me via email at I’m wide open when it comes to topics – an interesting new judicial decision, other legal or market developments, best practices, war stories, tips on handling deal issues, interesting side gigs, or anything else you think might be of interest to the members of our community are all fair game.

John Jenkins