August 5, 2019

Tomorrow’s Webcast: “Joint Ventures – Practice Pointers (Part II)”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “Joint Ventures: Practice Pointers (Part II)” – to hear Troutman Sanders’ Robert Friedman, Proskauer’s Ben Orlanski, Cooley’s Marya Postner and Aon’s Chuck Yen provide an encore to our popular June webcast with even more practical advice on navigating your next joint venture. The topics include:

1. Joint Ventures vs. Contractual Collaboration
2. IP Issues: JVs Based on An Owner’s Platform Technology
3. Negotiating “Divorce” Up Front
4. Consider Piloting a JV Before Full Commitment
5. Majority/Minority Dynamics
6. Acting By Written Consent
7. Clarifying JV’s Purpose
8. Pay Principles: Benchmarking & Long-Term Incentives
9. How Key Pay Decisions Are Made

John Jenkins