January 31, 2018

Podcasts: “Fully Invested” – The Bankers Speak

I never used to listen much to podcasts – that is, until I taped a few of them with Broc and ended up getting hooked on listening to them.  Now, I can’t even think about going on my morning walk without downloading a couple for the road – usually something from the BBC’s vast “In Our Time” collection or, more recently, Slate’s “Slow Burn.”

If you’re looking for podcasts with an M&A focus, check out “Fully Invested” – a series of podcasts from the investment bankers at Western Reserve Partners. It’s designed for middle market business owners & decision-makers looking to buy or sell a business. Individual episodes cover topics such as valuation, how to approach potential buyers, price negotiations, pitfalls for buyers to avoid & the art of closing a deal.

If you’re interested in podcasts covering a wide variety of topics of interest to corporate lawyers, be sure to check out the extensive collection in our “Inside Track with Broc” series over on

John Jenkins