August 31, 2017

Data Rooms: What to Consider When Choosing a Provider

One of the first items on the agenda for any transaction is picking a data room provider.  This Westwicke Partners blog discusses a number of different service providers and provides advice about what dealmakers should consider when making a selection.  Here’s an excerpt on issues to think about when data security is the key consideration:

If data is extremely sensitive and you are very concerned about security, some companies offer digital rights management. An example is Blackberry Workspaces (which, despite the name, does not require users to have Blackberry devices). With this offering, you can place controls into the file itself. This means that people who have access to the document cannot print, edit, or forward it, allowing you tight control over sharing of your information. This generally is very cumbersome for the user, who often has to install software and might be unable to view on a mobile device. Digital rights management has not seen wide adoption yet because it’s not easy to use.

John Jenkins