January 23, 2014

January-February “Special” Issue: Deal Lawyers Print Newsletter

This January-February Issue of the Deal Lawyers print newsletter was just sent to the printer and is a special “looking forward, looking back” issue which includes 9 articles from some of the most prominent members of the M&A bar:

1. 10 Most Influential M&A Developments of this Millennium
– by Barbara Borden & Jennifer Fonner DiNucci
2. Where Are All the Women M&A Dealmakers?
– by Diane Holt Frankle
3. Modernization of Corporate Law in the Fly-Over States
– by Phil Garon
4. A New Era for Management Compensation in Change-in-Control Transactions
– by Michael Katzke & Henry Morgenbesser
5. The Future of Mergers
– by Marty Lipton
6. The Impact of the Internet on Deal Lawyering: Some Reflections
– by Brian McCarthy
7. Important Trends in Cross-Border M&A for US Professionals: 1990-2013
– by Phillip Mills
8. Special Negotiating Committees & the Delaware Bar
– by Gil Sparks
9. Other People’s Money: The Evolution of Dealing with Financing Execution Risk in LBO & Strategic Mergers
– by Robert Spatt

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