December 16, 2010

Inside the Delaware Chancery Court

In his “Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog,” Francis Pileggi recently blogged:

The twelve-year term of one member of the Delaware Court of Chancery expired last month. The Delaware Constitution allows for a jurist to continue in office not more than 60 days after his or her term expires. The State Senate is not scheduled to convene according to its regular schedule until after that 60-day period would have expired. Thus, the Delaware Governor called for a Special Session of the State Senate, to be held on December 14, to approve his re-appointment of the sitting vice chancellor involved, in order to avoid any interruption in service. The Delaware Grapevine provides an expert description of the process and the political “back story”.

For readers interested in the minutiae and nuances of the Delaware Court of Chancery and at least one of its members, the story linked above provides details that one is not likely to find (all in one place) in any other published source.