July 7, 2010

The Cutest Merger Announcement Ever!

In the midst of this “M&A Law Prof Blog” repeated below is a link to the “cutest” merger announcement – via video – ever made:

Not the most conventional of press releases, but this has got to be the best merger announcement ever. Woot! announces its acquisition by Amazon. Typically, for a public-private deal the merger agreement requires that the seller make no public announcements with respect to the transaction. All announcements should come from the acquirer. But, if the seller is going to be this fun and creative, why not!

We thought there must be easier ways of making it big
without working like dogs and sweating like pigs
…and then “boom!” we got acquired by Amazon!
So no more rolling in late with our pajamas on.

…”You can labor all day til you’re tired and old or
you can wait for Amazon to call and when they do you say ‘$old!’ ”


Update: For its part, Amazon didn’t make any public announcement re the transaction, but Woot!’s CEO released this “serious” comment on the company’s website describing the transaction. It includes this jewel of a line in the FAQs:

Q: Is Snapster [the CEO] leaving?
A: Are you kidding? He’s out the door about ten seconds after that check clears – that is to say, Snapster will continue as CEO, just like before, and the rest of our staff’s not going anywhere either.