October 21, 2009

Basics of Calculating Impact of Loss of Broker Nonvotes

Helping you to gear up for a difficult proxy season, I have decided to start a weekly proxy solicitor podcast series. Each week, a new podcast with cover a hot topic that you may well face soon – with practical guidance from a proxy solicitor to help you navigate troubled waters. Here is the second installment in our series:

In this podcast, Tom Ball of Morrow & Co. explains the basics of the mechanics of counting broker non-votes and it’s implications for companies this proxy season, including:

– What is an example of how the math should be done to determine the impact of the loss of discretionary broker votes on a specific company?
– What type of companies – size, market cap, stock price, industries – may be impacted the most by the loss of broker nonvotes?

Please take a moment to participate in our “Quick Survey on Impact of Loss of Broker Nonvotes for ’10 Proxy Season.”