December 28, 2007

SEC’s Registration Filing Fees Finally Set for ’07-’08

As noted in this press release/fee rate advisory #6 issued yesterday, President Bush signed the appropriations bill that includes funding for the SEC on December 26th. As a result, effective December 31st, the Section 6(b) fee rate applicable to the registration of securities increases to $39.30 per million dollars from the existing rate of $30.70 per million dollars. Get those registration statements filed today or pay more on Monday!

More on the Cerberus–United Rentals Decision

Folks continue to blog about the URI-Ram decision that I blogged about a few days ago – here are two posts from Kenneth Adams: “Costly Drafting Errors, Part 3—United Rentals Versus Cerberus” and “More on United Rentals Versus Cerberus—”Notwithstanding” and “Subject To.”