April 25, 2005

OM&A on the MOVE!

Without much fanfare or press, staffers are being moved “group-by-group” into the SEC’s new headquarters at Station Place — near Union Station on Capitol Hill. The big move was announced earlier this month in Capitol Hill’s Roll Call . I understand the new building will be accessible via underground tunnel from Union Station. The physical task of moving an entire governmental agency across town is estimated to take at least six weeks.

The first wave of personnel to move into Station Place came from the Division of Corporation Finance, including the Office of Mergers & Acquisitions, which moved in this past weekend. Without doubt the transition of employees, files and equipment is likely to cause some unavoidable delay in staff review time of filings as well as some increased difficulty in reaching examiners by telephone.

To assist you, here is OM&A’s new phone number: 202/551-3440. Note the “942” exchange has gone the way of the dinosaur!