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Deal Lawyers Download Podcast - Managing PE & VC Legal Spend

Nicholas d'Adhemar

Nicholas d'Adhemar
Founder and CEO of Apperio

Nicholas d'Adhemar is the founder and CEO of Apperio, a legal tech scaleup bringing spend transparency to the legal industry. Prior to founding Apperio, d'Adhemar spent six years working as a lawyer for a large international law firm and three years working in private equity. Having experienced first-hand the frustration of disputed fees and delayed invoice payments over completed deals, he found that regularly sharing fee information between law firms and their clients significantly improved working relationships. From this simple idea, Apperio was born in 2015. Apperio is headquartered in London, with operations also based in the United States. He joined us to talk about Apperio’s recent survey of in-house counsel at PE and VC firms on issues in managing their legal spend.


  • Key takeaways from the survey
  • How organizational structure influences an investment firm's ability to control legal spending
  • Techniques firms are using to hold down legal costs
  • Advice for law firms on approaches to fees and billing practices
This podcast was recorded on November 15, 2022.

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The views set forth in the podcast are the speakers' personal views and do not necessarily reflect those of the firm with which they are associated.