These features are for those that signed up for our "Deal U. Workshop." Email or call us at 800-737-1271 to gain access to this quick and entertaining on-ramp to a deal practice. Each attendee receives access to these three practical resources:

  • Deal U. Podcasts - Access to nearly 60 podcasts about M&A activities—tailored to those new to this area. Each podcast ranges between 5-10 minutes—for a total of 7 hours in content.
  • Deal U. Situational Scenarios - Our 30+ situational scenarios—with detailed analyses—will help you fully comprehend many different aspects of deal practice.
  • The "Practical M&A Treatise" - The online version of our "Practical M&A Treatise" serves as the primary written resource for the course, although we also include some blogs and handbook resources.

In addition, we will provide the administrator of your Deal U. workshop with quizzes that you can use to track participants' progress. This resource is the perfect way to train those new to working on M&A.

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If you’ve already signed up for the Deal U. Workshop, but are still being sent to this page after logging in with your Workshop credentials, please contact our member support team at or 800-737-1271.