2021 Renewal to Deal Lawyers Print Newsletter

The Deal Lawyers print newsletter remains the best source to help you learn the nuances of the latest legal M&A developments as well as to provide practice pointers that can assist you in your daily practice.

Just like its sister publication, The Corporate Counsel, the Deal Lawyers print newsletter is tailored for the busy dealmaker, bi-monthly issues that do not overload you with useless information - rather, this newsletter provides precisely the type of information that you desire: practical and right-to-the-point. As in all our publications, this newsletter includes analysis of timeless "bread and butter" issues that you confront time and again. Here are some FAQs about the Deal Lawyers print newsletter.

Here are our price rates for 2021:

  • $875 – for a single subscription*
           – Additional copies (to same addressee) @ 295
           – * Add $10 for Shipping & Handling ($60 if outside the U.S.)

If you have any questions, please email us at sales@ccrcorp.com or call us at 800-737-1271. Please note that all subscriptions are on a calendar year basis.

How do I pay? We have three ways for you to pay:

  1. Credit card online
  2. Fax/Mail this order form with credit card authorization
  3. Mail this order form with a check. Please make your check payable to CCRcorp.