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The "Deal U. Workshop" Is On!

Our new "Deal U. Workshop" is the perfect way to train those new to working with M&A. Each attendee receives these three critical - and practical - resources:

  1. Deal U. Podcasts - Access to nearly 60 podcasts about M&A activities - tailored to those new to this area. Each podcast ranges between 5-10 minutes - for a total of 7 hours in content. Here's a list of the podcast topics.
  2. Deal U. Situational Scenarios - Our 30+ situational scenarios - with detailed analyses - will help you fully comprehend many different aspects of deal practice.
  3. "Deal Tales" Paperbacks - A Three Volume Set - Education by entertainment! This series of three paperback books teaches the kind of things that you won't learn at conferences, nor in treatises or firm memos. With the set containing over 600 pages, John Jenkins - a 30-year vet of the deal world - brings his humorous M&A stories to bear. Here's the "Table of Contents" for each volume rolled into one.

How Much Is It?

- Single "Deal U. Workshop" attendee - $595

- For additional attendees, please contact our sales department at 800-737-1271 or email us at sales@ccrcorp.com

How to Order:

  1. Credit card online
  2. Fax/Mail this order form with credit card authorization for payment
  3. Mail this order form with a check. Please make your check payable to CCRcorp.

If you have any questions, please email us at sales@ccrcorp.com or call us at 800-737-1271.