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FAQs: Deal Lawyers Print Newsletter

  1. Why did you launch Deal Lawyers print newsletter?
  2. We created it in response to so many requests for a practical M&A print newsletter about deal practices. Many of our loyal readers of The Corporate Counsel do deals and wanted more guidance in the M&A area.

  3. What is the difference between Deal Lawyers print newsletter and DealLawyers.com?
  4. Deal Lawyers is a print newsletter that provides concise and practical information. DealLawyers.com is a website with numerous resources, much of it also practical. But the two do contain different information.

  5. Where can I get access to Back Issues of Deal Lawyers print newsletter?
  6. All of our Back Issues of Deal Lawyers print newsletter are posted on DealLawyers.com. There is a big blue tab called "Back Issues" near the top of DealLawyers.com - 2nd from the end of the row of tabs. The “Back Issues" has all of our issues up there, including the most recent one.

    However, only subscribers of both DealLawyers.com & the Deal Lawyers print newsletter can access them. However, note that a big benefit is that if your firm has a firmwide/single office location or 2-5 users license to DealLawyers.com, all of the folks in your firm with that site's membership can access the Back Issues of the print newsletter even if the firm has just a single subscription to the print newsletter. For example, if your firm has a firmwide license to DealLawyers.com - and only one person subscribes to the print newsletter - everyone in your firm will be able to access the online issues of the print newsletter. That is real value.

  7. How do I go about contributing an article to Deal Lawyers print newsletter?
  8. Feel free to contact the editor, John Jenkins, with your story ideas at john@thecorporatecounsel.net.