April 1, 2015

Post-Merger Cultural Integration Success Program

This recent article from Deloitte is noteworthy because it addresses a scarcely resourced, but virtually always encountered, merger challenge – post-merger cultural integration issues.

The article soundly advises implementing a formal integration program with concrete steps linked to measurable business results, as follows:

1. Make culture a major component of the change management work stream.
2. Identify who “owns” corporate culture and have them report to senior management.
3. Insist that the cultural work focuses on the tangible and the measurable.
4. Consider the strengths of both existing cultures, not just the weaknesses.
5. Implement a decision-making process that is not hampered by cultural differences.
6. Build the employee brand with a view toward how it will be understood by employees.
7. Put people with knowledge of, and experience in, culture change on the teams that define the important interfaces in the new organizational model.

Each suggested step is supported by further explanation and sensible guidance.

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